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Septiembre 2017

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The Beatles - Auditions (Full Album)

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The Beatles - Auditions (Full Album)

Mensaje por Admin el Dom Feb 05, 2017 2:05 pm

This is a merge of two different projects I've been working on. The first part of the video is 2/3 of the 15 tracks from the band's first audition for Decca, the record company that would lose millions for not signing The Beatles. Due to 5 of the tracks being remastered for Anthology 1, I am unable to upload those. The second part of the video is the remnants of an album I created called "A Shot of Rythm and Blue", an album that followed the concept of a person finding love before getting it stolen, as told by Rock and Roll Beatles tunes/covers. A large portion of the project got scrapped from copyright claims, so I'm putting what's left in this album. The album concludes a demo of One After 909, a song written during the Early Beatles Era, but released on their final album. Track listing:

0:00 Money (That's What I Want)

2:25 To Know Her Is To Love Her

5:05 Memphis, Tennessee

7:29 Till There Was You

10:31 Sure To Fall (In Love With You)

12:39 Besame Mucho

15:23 Love of the Loved

17:17 September in the Rain

19:15 Take Good Care Of My Baby

21:48 Crying, Waiting, Hoping

23:54 Three Cool Cats (Get Back Sessions)

26:26 Child Of Nature

28:23 Watching Rainbows

32:57 Your True Love 

34:45 My Imagination (Jam)

41:51 The Walk Jam

45:53 I Lost My Little Girl

50:03 Rock And Roll Music (Get Back Sessions)

52:11 One After 909

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