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Mayo 2018

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The Rolling Stones Live at the Madison Square Garden [27-6-1975] - Full Show

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The Rolling Stones Live at the Madison Square Garden [27-6-1975] - Full Show

Mensaje por Admin el Jue Dic 05, 2013 9:17 am

Ever seen a singer that does not want to sing? Well, Mr. Jagger sometimes appear to be tired or just fed up with life at some shows, this being a very good example

As I mentioned at every '75 upload of mine, Jagger is not very good; Actually, this tour was faded to failure! First of all, with Mick T., they didn't want to tour; He leaves, they decide to tour with Ron. Why is that??!!

They got somehow greedy; I believe in '74 they truly were the greatest rock band in the world, and they knew that! So ''a giant inflatable phallus (nicknamed 'Tired Grandfather' by the band, since it sometimes malfunctioned)'' was among the extravagant things they would put up to, damaging the tour potential

Keith Richards was soaked in, that's a nasty negative point;

As for Jagger, again, as mentioned earlier, was sloppy and not singing properly his own songs ('76 too) for the first time in a Stones tour; For that fact the band has to work twice as hard! hahaha And actually sound like they did! Ronnie is soloing like never in his life, Bill's Bill, Charlie's drumming never sounded, or would sound, better and added with the percussion of Ollie E. Brown the rhythm section is impeccable!

Enjoy dear friends


Honky Tonk Women
 5:15 All Down the Line (Bad)
 9:17 If You Can't Rock Me (Mick's barely singing it)
 12:47 Get Off My Cloud
 17:33 Star Star
 21:57 Gimme Shelter (Amazing guitar solo)
 28:53 Ain't Too Proud to Beg
 33:27 You Gotta Move
 33:37 You Can't Always Get What You Want (Again, amazing solo)
 50:22 Happy
 53:42 Tumbling Dice
 59:26 It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (But I like it)
 1:05:49 Band Intro/Heartbreaker
 1:12:40 Fingerprint File (One of the worst versions)
 1:21:20 Cherry Oh Baby
 1:29:43 Angie
 1:35:20 Wild Horses
 1:42:42 That's Life/Outta Space
 1:48:56 Brown Sugar
 1:54:01 Midnight Rambler
 2:07:50 Rip This Joint
 2:10:15 Street Fighting Man
 2:13:53 Jumpin' Jack Flash
 2:21:37 Sympathy for the Devil (Great bass playing by Bill)

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