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Octubre 2018

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The Life of Juanita Castro *** Andy Warhol Film

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The Life of Juanita Castro *** Andy Warhol Film

Mensaje por Admin el Jue Dic 05, 2013 1:21 pm


Scenario by Ronald Tavel
Written: February 20, 1965/Filmed: March 13 or 14, 1965 (RT)
Premiered March 22, 1965 at the The Cinematheque, NYC
B/W, 16mm sound, 24 fps, 70 mins.
(restored 1989: 66 minutes)
Sound and camera: Buddy Wirtschafter

Ronald Tavel: Onscreen director
Marie Menken: Juanita Castro
Mercedes Ospina: Fidel Castro
Elektrah (Lobel): Raul Castro
Aniram Anipso: Che Guevara From POPism: "Waldo [Diaz Balart]'s sister had been married to Fidel Castro, who divorced her right before he became premier. There were glamorous rumors that Waldo had escaped from Cuba with a million dollars in a suitcase... We'd shot The Life of Juanita Castro over at his house on West 10th Street in the Village early that year, with a Ronnie Tavel script inspired by Waldo, and Waldo was also in it." (POP113)

Ronald Tavel: "Fidel Castro's brother-in-law, Waldo Dias-Balart, was living in exiled in the center of the row of beautiful 19th century townhouses on the north side (10th Street) of Tompkins Square Park... I myself had visited Cuba after Castro was in office and before travel there for Americans was banned. I'd written short light verse and serious long poems about Cuba, knew a number of Cuban dancers-in-exile and nightclub entertainers and one celebrated stage and soap star, had several close Cuban friends and a Cuban lover, and been introduced by Andy to two very charming, politically active cuban sisters, Aniram Anipso and Mercedes Ospina, etc... Some weeks before Suicide was lensed, Waldo invited Andy and the immediate proteges to dinner. We sat around a classically extended, elegant table in the splendid home... A few drinks and naturally enough the conversation turned to the Cuban revolution and its political intrigues, particularly the in-fighting on the part of the Castro siblings, and most particularly the prima donna Juanita. Andy became fascinated and said we should do the life of story of Juanita Castro..."

Pedro P. Dollar:.
Por Cuba, con Dios y la Masoneria

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