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Primal Colours 1968

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Primal Colours 1968

Mensaje por Admin el Lun Abr 07, 2014 11:35 am

01 .Brian Epstain Blues 00:01
02 .Back in the U.S.S.R 01:16
03 .A Case of Blues 04:03
04 .Blackbird 06:55
05 .Piggies 09:21
06 .Birthday 11:47
07 .Yer Blues 14:30
08 .Mother natures son 18:47
09 .Everybody go something to hide expect me and my Monkie21:03
10 .Child Of Nature 23:37
11 .Helter Skelter 26:06 6
12 .Junk 29:58
13 .Honey Pie 32:20
14 .Old brown shoe 34:20

The Beatles - 1968 - Primal Colours (Unreleased Album)

This is a fascinating piece. An intended album release from 1968, which was pulled at the last minute. Contains some classic cuts. Many of these tracks would, later see the light of day, in slightly different form, in the wonderful White Album released later in 1968.

In May 1968, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison assembled at Kinfauns, George Harrison’s home in Esher, and demoed 23 songs. The majority of these songs were conceived during the group's visit to Rishikesh, India in the spring of 1968, where they undertook a transcendental meditation course with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Each of the Beatles left Rishikesh before the end of the course for various reasons, with Ringo Starr and then Paul McCartney departing first, and Lennon and George Harrison departing together later.

John Lennon said that his songs "Yer Blues" and "I'm So Tired" chronicle his discomfort and loneliness in India. According to some reports, Lennon left because he felt personally betrayed by rumors that Maharishi had made sexual advances toward a young woman. Shortly after he decided to leave, Lennon wrote a song called "Maharishi" which included the lyrics, "Maharishi/You little twat"; the song became Sexy Sadie.

Regardless of the motivations behind Lennon's departure, the Rishikesh retreat, which was also attended by music figures such as Donovan, Mike Love, and Paul Horn, marked a period of extraordinary musical experimentation and songwriting creativity for the Beatles.

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