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Junio 2018

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What appears as chaos...

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What appears as chaos...

Mensaje por Admin el Miér Abr 08, 2015 10:10 am

.."What appears as chaos on one level is always harmony at a higher level, no one knows the details in your life or what you're going through, but just know that you are not the only One going through changes! The Buddha would say to seek permanence in a impermanent world is to seek a life of eternal inner suffering, for the only thing certain in life IS change. Every moment in Life is our chance for change and expansion, or we are choosing to stagnate and decay away. Now IS our time to shine through the darkness, sometimes taking a leap of faith, a stepping into the unknown, is how we create the new in our lives. Be strong, center your balance, watch for your time and take that leap of faith, as ALL will BE fine, for the Universe will take care of you as IT always has done before the beginning of time. But not by giving you what you WANT, but by giving you what you NEED. Push through and face your struggles with a fearless heart and a empowered BEing IS what you will turn out. Without the contrast and conflicts in our life we would not have the experiences necessary to grow, so no matter how dark or how difficult your life gets, look at IT as your que, for IT IS now your time to Expand!".

Pedro P. Dollar:.
Por Cuba, con Dios y la Masoneria

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