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ILLUMINATI and Freemasons

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ILLUMINATI and Freemasons

Mensaje por Admin el Vie Nov 07, 2014 1:26 pm

Based on the American Bestseller "Secrets of Angels and Demons" of Dan Burnstein and Arne de Keijzer light up this 2-hour documentary the ILLUMINATI and the Freemasons, two mystical organizations, which are of importance in Dan Browns book "Illuminati" and the third adventure of Robert Langdons "The Solomon Key".

In the book "Illuminati" hides the labyrinth of the modern Rome an ancient conspiracy of an unexpected magnitude full of deception and intrigues. Just as in Dan Browns "Sacrilege" the reader is requested to regard the questions of faith in an absolutely new way.

However, where does the way of Robert Langdon lead next? The signs strongly point to the town, in which the birth place of the United States of America lies, Washington District of Columbia. Thematic there is a secret society, which is not so confidental at all and what will probably stand in the centre of the Freemasons. Some conspiracy theorists believe that the ILLUMINATI became even more dangerous than they infiltrated the Freemasons and promoted conspiracies, which guided to the French Revolution and the rise of the communism.

This documentary film tries to seperate facts from fiction to get closer to the truth behind Dan Browns conspiracy theories and to bring into light the concealed origins of the Freemasons and the ILLUMINATI, as well as their astonishing role by the foundations of the United States of America.

Pedro P. Dollar:.
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