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"Beaucoups of Blues"   ***  1970 Empty
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"Beaucoups of Blues" *** 1970

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"Beaucoups of Blues"   ***  1970 Empty "Beaucoups of Blues" *** 1970

Mensaje por Admin Lun Abr 22, 2013 12:23 pm

Ringo Starr - "Beaucoups of Blues" [Full Album]

01. 00:00 "Beaucoups of Blues"
02. 02:35 "Love Don't Last Long"
03. 05:22 "Fastest Growing Heartache in the West"
04. 07:59 "Without Her"
05. 10:37 "Woman of the Night"
06. 13:02 "I'd Be Talking All the Time"
07. 15:16 "$15 Draw"
08. 18:45 "Wine, Women and Loud Happy Songs"
09. 21:06 "I Wouldn't Have You Any Other Way"
10. 24:07 "Loser's Lounge"
11. 26:32 "Waiting"
12. 29:29 "Silent Homecoming"
13. 33:27 "Coochy Coochy" (Bonus Track)
14. 38:17 "Nashville Jam" (Bonus Track) (Previously Unreleased)

Beaucoups of Blues is the second album by former Beatles member Ringo Starr, and also his second full-length release in 1970, coming after his debut Sentimental Journey. However, Beaucoups of Blues is very far removed in style from its predecessor.

While playing on sessions for George Harrison's All Things Must Pass (the recording of which began on 26 May), Starr—a long-time country and western fan—met Pete Drake, whom Harrison had called upon to play pedal steel guitar. Realizing Drake's deep connection to country (having also played on Bob Dylan's Nashville Skyline), Starr asked him if they could collaborate on an album together. Drake promptly told Starr his musician friends could compose more than an album's worth of material from which Starr could pick his favourites and record his vocals. Starr was very keen and agreed. He flew to Nashville on 22 June to begin working on the project.

While most of the tracks were cut in two days (30 June and 1 July), Drake had produced some earlier sessions with The Jordanaires on backing vocals so that Starr could add his lead on top. The sessions went exceedingly well, and it was clear to all that Starr's vocals were much more suited to genre of country than the old standards that characterized Sentimental Journey. For Starr, making Beaucoups of Blues had fulfilled a lifelong ambition.

Beaucoups of Blues was released that September to a fan base that was once again bemused with Starr's abrupt change in style. While the album is more acclaimed than Sentimental Journey, Beaucoups of Blues did not perform nearly as well, missing the UK charts and reaching only number 65 in the US. The album did do a little better in Canada reaching number 34, Australia at number 33, and Norway at number 21.

In light of the tepid commercial reaction, Starr would refrain from further album releases for the time being, preferring to concentrate on his second vocation: film acting.

Even though it was moderately successful at the time, in retrospect critics have stated that this may be one of his best albums. Bob Woffinden in his book The Beatles Apart, sums up the Beaucoups of Blues best. "Ringo took his chance well and his homely lugubrious voice suited those typically maudlin country songs like a charm. It's one of the best Beatle solo albums."

Pedro P. Dollar:.
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