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Mensaje por Admin Lun Abr 22, 2013 12:50 pm

Ringo Starr - "Sentimental Journey" [Full Album]

01. 00:00 "Sentimental Journey"
02. 03:27 "Night and Day"
03. 05:53 "Whispering Grass (Don't Tell the Trees)"
04. 08:33 "Bye Bye Blackbird"
05. 10:45 "I'm a Fool to Care"
06. 13:28 "Stardust"
07. 16:50 "Blue, Turning Grey Over You"
08. 20:11 "Love Is a Many Splendoured Thing"
09. 23:18 "Dream"
10. 26:00 "You Always Hurt the One You Love"
11. 28:21 "Have I Told You Lately that I Love You?"
12. 31:06 "Let the Rest of the World Go By"

Beginning in October 1969, Starr engaged the services of Beatles producer George Martin to helm his solo debut. The idea was to create an album of standards that would reflect his parents' favourite songs, even asking them and other members of his family to choose the tracks. Starr had one song each arranged by different musicians, ranging from Martin himself, Paul McCartney, Maurice Gibb, Quincy Jones and old friend of the Beatles from Hamburg (and bassist with Manfred Mann) Klaus Voormann, as well as Elmer Bernstein among others. Although begun during the sessions, George Harrison's composition, "It Don't Come Easy", would appear as a single in 1971. Recording of the album was completed in March 1970, with Sentimental Journey being rushed out merely two weeks later in order to avoid clashing in the shops with the Beatles' impending final album Let It Be in May and McCartney, whose 17 April release date its maker flatly refused to delay after being asked to by the other members of the band.

Although it was extremely secret at the time of its release there were several important rock friends of the Beatles who worked on the album. Both Maurice Gibb and Klaus Voormann not only arranged a track each for the album but conducted those tracks as well. To date it is unknown who played the banjo on what is called 'Maurice Gibb's banjo-driven' "Bye Bye Blackbird", it might have been a session player but both Lennon and McCartney could play the banjo well (and Starr's song "Early 1970" makes a point that Lennon did play with him early in the year 1970). Additionally Beatle-friend Billy Preston played on Voorman's "I'm a Fool to Care", and either Voormann himself or George Harrison overdubbed a guitar onto the song a few hours after the main session (late at night), though the guitar is hard to detect due to a subsequent string overdub. Much easier to detect is a electric-bass overdub placed prominently on Elmer Bernstein's lighthearted American recording of "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?". This is the album's one concession to a song with a rock background as it had not only been recorded by country and big bands but also by the young Elvis Presley, as well as by Jerry Lee Lewis, Ricky Nelson, Eddy Cochran and apparently had been part of the early Quarrymen/Beatles repertoire. Ringo recorded vocal overdubs on this song on both Feb. 9 and 18, 1970 so it is quite likely that the bass overdub was done by Klaus Voormann (though it sounds much like McCartney's bass-playing). McCartney's credited contribution on the album is for the arrangement for "Stardust", but studio records clearly indicate that Martin wrote that song's arrangement (he invoiced and was paid for it by the studio). That suggests that McCartney's arrangement was on the previous day's recording of the (unreleased) song "Stormy Weather" for which the studio documentation clearly shows no credited arranger, but indicates a four man band (bass, guitar, drums and piano) plus a 14 man horn section (which drowns out the guitar and much of the bass guitar). It would be likely that McCartney would have played bass on the unreleased "Stormy Weather" just as he had done for the material released by Mary Hopkin and Jackie Lomax, and that George Harrison would've played guitar as well, but at present it remains unresolved).

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