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Primitive Rite and its origins

Primitive Rite in Paris

Existed in the East of Paris a chapter of the primitive rite whose works date back March 21, 1721 and confirmed November 29, 1787 Composed of seven chapters, we note that the brothers were knights. Seem to be three "primitive rites" that overlaps, they are:

  • The primitive rite of 1721 (high degrees) of Paris;
  • The original and primitive rite of Swedenborg;
  • The Primitive Rite of Narbonne in 1759, introduced by Viscount Chefdebien of Aigrefeuille.

Primitive and original Rite of Swedenborg

No creation date, Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) created a system of ten degrees divided into three sections:
[list="text-align: justify;"]
[*]Masonic: apprentice, fellow elected Master;
[*]Enlightenment, also called Cohen (Hebrew for "priest") section: Apprentice Cohen, Fellow Cohen, Cohen master;
[*]Active section or Rosicrucian section: apprentice Rose + Cross, Knight Commander Rose + Cross, Rosicrucian or Kadosch lit.


This creation is the controversial origins of Freemasonry Memphis. Being an enlightened order, the system is then revised and reduced to three degrees (one for each section) by the Marquis de Thomé in 1783, and accurately titled "Rite of Swedenborg."

Although the rite was reorganized in the United States and Canada by Brother Beswich. Letters were delivered in October 1875 in England. Frosini said the primitive and ancient rite consists of two branches: the East and the West Memphis or Swedenborg.
El Rito Primitivo y sus Orígenes Emmanuel_Swedenborg
Emanuel Swedenborg

Primitive Rite of Narbonne

D and back to Prague with the Viscount of Chefdebien of Aigrefeuille . Their son, a member of the Order of The Brothers fricanos (read " Egyptian "), the Marquis François Chefdebien Armissan , Knight of Malta , who became a propagandist active in Rite of Primitive Narbonne, with Shop-Mother of Philadelphians Narbonne in 1779. This is a Shop-Mother that has the name " Rite of Primitive Philadelphia . " There are three classes of10 degrees of instruction , in fact, many of these degrees are a collection of degrees: 1st class are three degrees blue: apprentice, fellow and master.
2nd class:

  • Perfect Master, elected and architect;
  • Scottish Sublime;
  • Knight of the Sword, Knight of the East and Prince of Jerusalem.

In fact, these two classes are an introduction to third which contains the true essence of the rite. The latter class comprises four chapters Rosicrucian:

  • Symbolic Chapter: depth study in symbolism of the fraternity;
  • Historical chapter: study of the history of tradition and its transmission from school to school;
  • Philosophical chapter study of Masonic science;
  • Rosicrucian Fraternity Chapter of the Great Rosary: ​​exclusively dedicated to the occult spiritual reintegration with the goal of man.

The rite remains faithful to the rites constituent of Memphis and Misraim and, of course , also the contributions to the construction of the pyramid in current airtight , which can be guessed by the story confusingFreemasonry "Egyptian" in the context of Memphis. Primitive Rite not associated with the famous Rite ofPhilalethes . All these rites are constitutive of Memphis, there are no records in written historical sources that relate to the rite of Misraim. 

Misraïm Why can speak , perhaps, Rite Adonhiramita , Bédarride have been initiated in 1771. While this ritewas the invention of Baron Tschoudy, was published in 1787, t erhaps the Illuminati of Avignon BenedictineDom pernety . 's only reference is the alliance in 1817 with the operating system Carbonari in Rome , Perugia, Fermo, Ferrara and Bologna. Both are fearful for their number, their audacity and their tendency to political assassination.

Rite of Philalethes

Constituted in 1773 by Parisian shop Les Amis REUNIS (friends reunited), the first grandmaster Savalette the Marquis de Langes. Twelve degrees grouped into two groups:

  • Lower Freemasonry, with three blue degrees, followed by the Elected (4th), Scottish (5) and Knight of the East (6);
  • High Freemasonry: Rose + Cross (7), Knight of the Temple (Cool, unknown philosopher (9), Sublime Philosopher (10th), Initiate (11th) and Filatelo (12) known as Ami de la vérité (friend of the truth).

The last four classes form the Council of the White Scarf. Its members are experts in hermeticism and occult sciences and should bring together the main features of the Masonic rituals and secret sciences in order to put them into action. Also to practice alchemy and theurgy, come in contact with various Masonic orders not hermetic character.

They inherit from the files of the elected knights Cohen Martines Pasqualis. Organized in Paris in 1784 the famous convent of the ten fundamental problems judged, from November 13 until May 26, 1785, with the following classes:
[list="text-align: justify;"]
[*]Three blue degrees;
[*]Perfect Master, and elected Perfect Small architect;
[*]Perfect start of Egypt and Knight of the sun.


El Rito Primitivo y sus Orígenes Philalethes_279x275
Coat of Filaletos

Etoile Flamboyante (Flaming Star)

Also known as the order of the unknown philosophers, traces of the rite found in "philosophical system of ancient Egyptian magicians revealed by the Hebrew priests in Masonic emblem" of 1750, introduced by Baron Tschoudy (1724-1769). The ritual was inspired by the writings of Michał Sedziwoj (Michel Sendivogius from 1566 to 1646), organized in seven degrees, with a truly alchemical rite.

The seventh grade influenced the drafting of the 28th degree AASR. Also influenced the 51 degree rite of Misraim, the first being referred to as premise the development of the rite of Misraim. An important note is that many members of the Flaming Star participated in the foundation of the rite of Philalethes.
El Rito Primitivo y sus Orígenes POL_Micha%C5%82_S%C4%99dziw%C3%B3j
Michał Sedziwoj

Philosophical Scottish Rite

Established in Paris in 1776 by Hermetic Boileau, a pupil of Antoine-Joseph pernety, also known as Sun Pernety. The first store was "Social Contract" and later renamed to "St. Lazarus". This rite possessed 12 degrees, as follows:

  • 1st to 3rd, the group known as: Knight of the Black Eagle and Rose + Cross Tower Heredom;
  • 4th - Knight of the Phoenix;
  • 5 - Knight of the sun;
  • 6 - Knight of Iris (Greek mythology);
  • 7 - Real Freemason;
  • 8 - Knight Argonaut (Greek legend);
  • 9 - Knight of the Golden Fleece (Greek mythology);
  • 10 - Grand Inspector Perfect Started;
  • 11 - Grand Inspector Perfect Started;
  • 12 - Sublime Master the lighted ring.

Rite of Misraim

Venice in 1788, a group of Socinians (anti -trinitária Protestant sect ) required a patent constitution of Cagliostro , to move to Trento. Unwilling to practice ritual magic kabbalistic, they chose to work in r ict templário . Cagliostro then transmitted to its light Masonic : the first three degrees of Freemasonry and Englishwoman degrees higher of Freemasonry German , strongly marked by the Templar tradition. 

The name  Mizraim ( in ancient Hebrew " the Egyptians ") is the only reminder of the Egyptian Rite conveyed his personality obedient .

The rite of Misraim spreads rapidly in Milan, Genoa , Naples, and is introduced in France by Michel Bédarride , who received in 1810 in Naples, masterful powers of i rmão De Lassalle. From 1810 to 1813 , the three brothers Bédarride successfully developed the rite in France ,  under the protection of the Scottish Rite . Still conteu with Masons distinguished as : Earl Muraire , Grand Commander Sovereign of the Scottish RiteAncient and Accepted, Duke Decazes , Duke of Saxe -Weimar, the Duke of Leicester, Lieutenant GeneralBaron Test , among others.

Quickly conveys his need to gain control over the Carbonari. Being violently anti-clerical and anti-monarchist, the rite has grouped more than fifty stores in Italy. Was subsequently dissolved by Police Restoration. Still, clandestinely worked for eighteen years when it was restored in 1838, and dissolved again in 1841, then coming out of hiding in 1848.

An important next step for the rite was the merger in 1881 with the Rite of Memphis, under the leadership ofGiuseppe Garibaldi.
El Rito Primitivo y sus Orígenes Sceau
Coat the rite of Misraim

Rite of Memphis

Most members of the mission of Egypt who accompanied Napoleon Bonaparte, were Freemasons and ancient rites: Philalethes, African Brothers, Hermetic Rite, Philadelphians and Primitive Rite.
It is the discovery of the Cairo Gnostic-Hermetic Brotherhood survivor who leads the brothers to renounce their membership received by the Grand Lodge of London. Thus, under the direction of Samuel and Honis Marconis de Nègre, born in Montauban in 1815, a new independent Masonic stream of England: the Rite of Memphis.

So quickly the rite of Misraim gathered Jacobins nostalgic of the Republic with the Carbonari, meet half of the military's former Grand Army and the Bonapartist pernaneceram faithful to the Eagle. Note that in 1816 both the Rite of Memphis Misraim as possessed of the same Grand Master, one premissão for future fusion.

But the Grand Orient of France, mostly mornaquista obtained the dissolution of the rite of Memphis. However in 1826 the rite resumes its work under the obedience of the same Big East. Dissolved again in 1841 as the Misraim, Memphis also enters underground. Reappearing with the Republic in 1848 Dissolved in 1850 and again in 1853 dispertado being recognized by the Grand Orient of France in 1862.

Having so many stores abroad, she has personalities like Louis Blanc and Garibaldi, who 19 years later would be the architects in the unification of Memphis and Misraim.
El Rito Primitivo y sus Orígenes Memphis+Chicago+Seal
Coat the rite of Memphis

Rite of Memphis-Misraim

Until 1881 the rites of Memphis and Misraim walk alongside and together. Entando in the two rites begin to merge with the dual membership of the Freemasons of the Grand Orient of France and the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite interested in esotericism of symbolic Freemasonry, Gnosa, Kabbalah and Hermeticism.

Despite their Egyptian roots, the two rites are still heirs of ancient initiatory and conservative traditions of the 18th century, as Philalethes, Philadelphus, Hermetic Rite and Primitive Rite. Misraim has 90 degrees and Memphis 95.

When Garibaldi was appointed as Grand Master General for each of obedience, a merger made possible the establishment of a common scale between grades of different rites. Today, after the first three degrees of universal Freemasonry, the particularities of Memphis-Misraim assert themselves in the workshops of the upper grades, which have mandatory practice:

  • 4th grade: Secret Master;
  • 9th grade: Master of the nine elected;
  • 13th Degree: Royal Arch;
  • 14th grade: Large-elect of the sacred vault;
  • 18th Degree: Knight of Rose-Croix;
  • 20th degree: Knight of the Temple (transmits the initiation of the Strict Observance Templar and Knights Beneficent of the Holy City of Willermoz John the Baptist);
  • 28th Degree: Knight of the sun;
  • 30th Degree: Knight Kadosh;
  • Grade 32: Prince of the Royal Secrete;
  • 33 degree: Sovereign Grand Inspector General;
  • 66th, 90th and 95th degrees: the Masons are particularly interested conferred by hermeticism, according to their value and their knowledge as well as his allegiance to the rite;
  • 95th grade: awarded as quality Grand Conservator of the Rite.

Stores Rite of Memphis-Misraim work the Egyptian Rite and on their altars join the square and the compass the law book.
El Rito Primitivo y sus Orígenes Memphis_misraim
Coat the Rite of Memphis-Misraim

El Rito Primitivo y sus Orígenes Templo+egipcio
Shop for the Egyptian Rite of Memphis-Misraim

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