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Origins of Rosicrucianism

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Origins of Rosicrucianism Empty Origins of Rosicrucianism

Mensaje por Admin Jue Sep 11, 2014 10:30 am

Origins of Rosicrucianism

In this post 's purpose is to clarify some concepts about the origins of Rosicrucianism, which is why there is, when it started and where it started.

According to proponents and Rosicrucian practitioners, regardless of the organization they serve, agree that their teachings are from studies and goings practices of ancient civilizations such as ancient Egypt, Greece, India, etc. gaining more emplacements through the evolution of science in current years. Some lines define its approximate origin in the 1350 BC where under Pharaonic schemes Hatshepsut (1479-1457 BC) and the fifth pharaoh Thutmose III (1457-1425 BC) the sixth pharaoh of the eighteenth Egyptian dynasty, emerged the first signs.

Origins of Rosicrucianism Hatshepsut_%28red_Karnak_chapel%29
Red Chapel of Hatshepsut at Karnak

Origins of Rosicrucianism Hatshepsut_and_Seshat
Hatshepsut performing the ritual founding of red chapel in the presence of Seshat

Origins of Rosicrucianism Temple_hatchepsout
Temple of Hatshepsut

Origins of Rosicrucianism Thutmose_III_and_Hatshepsut
Thutmose III and Hatshepsut in red chapel in Karnak

Existed at this time then the mystery schools which started gathered to study the mysteries of life and the universe, where most future the tenth pharaoh of that dynasty (1352-1338 BC) would also be started. This Amenhotep IV was that after five years of Akhenaten's reign self appointed, still defended by many the idea of ​​this being the first to try to spread the monotheistic philosophy in history.

Origins of Rosicrucianism Aten_disk
Akhenaten and his family worshiping the sun god

Through the centuries have noted the presence of these mystery schools in various places, such as Phrygia (Anatolia later), Greece, etc. But over the years, when the ideals were spreading through Europe for political and religious reasons these teachings began to be repressed and practiced underground.

The first historical records using the names of Rosicrucians and the Rosicrucian, appeared from the 17th century this time, a religious crisis prowled the European believers, specifically disputes between Protestantism and Catholicism, the reform proposed by Martin Luther in Germany and the power of the papacy in Rome. However, precisely in Germany came the series of three manifestos in the years 1614, 1615 and 1616 In general these manifestos called for a reform favoring universal humanism, giving priority to human dignity and individual freedoms. It is noteworthy that this was a proposal of inner, spiritual and mystical reform.

The manifestos

The first manifesto entitled "Fama" is aimed to achieve-political and religious leaders targeting an intellectual elite. Recounting the allegorical story of a fictional founder, Christian Rosenkreutz (Christian to pink and cross), a German born in 1378 and accompanied by a monk in 1393 visited Damascus, Egypt and Morocco, where he studied the occult arts in this acquired his wisdom locations and then put in writing what would be revealed only to the initiated. Again in 1407 in Germany would then founded the Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross. After his death (fictional) in 1484, the manifesto recounts that in 1604, disciples discover his tomb remained unknown, so full of scientific objects and texts, a sign that the Rosicrucian would be reborn.

Importantly, the actual existence of Christian Rosenkreutz is unproven, with Rosicrucians who accept it as an allegorical character and others that this really existed. Similarly Hiram ABIFF.

The second manifesto "Confessio Fraternitatis" was more prophetic and afima that humanity reaches the end of a cycle, that the revelation of the sixth time approaches, and that the papacy Christian is doomed to disappear. The Rosicrucians believe that a regeneration of man must have his place, this regeneration possible through science taught by Rosicrucians. 's third manifesto, "alchemical marriage of Christian Rosenkreutz" , unlike the first two, presents an initiatory journey that takes place around a Royal wedding in a castle, and the story in general symbolizes the quest for enlightenment.

Amid a troubled time, manifests increased much interest and controversy until the mid-18th century, where hundreds of books dealing with different views in optical diverentes on the subject are published Rosicrucian.Finally, the Rosicrucian is a syncretism coming of Hermeticism from Ancient Egypt, passing by the Essenes and absorbing Jewish mystical elements such as Kabbalah, received strong Greek influences, is also included in this list alchemy and Christian Gnostic philosophies.

Origins of Rosicrucianism Rose-croix_sur_nappe_autel
Symbol of the rose and the cross

The order in America

The Rosicrucian was implemented gradually in North America. Being more specific, Harvey Spencer Lewis (1883-1939) scholar from various scientific fields would be in France received the documents in hand that would allow and delegated the responsibility to initiate this fraternity in the United States. Thus was created the first version of the new world order, the Ancient and Mystical Order of the Rose Cross (AMORC). Importantly, the years that followed after implantation, were of great impact to the order in Europe. Many esoteric groups and secret societies were spoken severely affected during the Second World War (1939-1945), his followers were persecuted and many ended their days in concentration camps. For under Nazi laws passed to these practices illegal. North American practitioners in turn were spared, and this explains the strength of the organization in the United States even today.

Since its founding in 1915 until the late 1990s several internal conflicts in the administrative AMORC, where former members of the organization founded independent groups claiming yourself as maintainers of Rosicrucian principles or simply political ideals occurred. However AMORC remains the most important and well organized among them officially registered as a nonprofit organization with the United States government.The Grand Lodge of Anglophone America is situadaa in San Jose, California. Future in another article we discuss about existing divisions.

Be a Rosicrucian today

Members of the Rosicrucian fraternities themselves as mystics researchers in constant pursuit of knowledge through study and practice. In other words, nowadays means conducting a non-religious spiritual development, personal development work and be part of a global and cosmopolitan fraternity. The associations do not require religious adherence of its members and all are accepted independent of their beliefs, provided they are receptive to new concepts, of which one has free will to apply or take as truth. 
Generally lessons are divided into classes of learning and study, which is equivalent to the degrees of knowledge. Each degree using different themes and working them in a mystical way, where every believer can and should evolve according to their work and their commitment.

In the next post will be approached on the main existing orders pink crosses.

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