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Simbolismo de los Números

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Mensaje por Admin Jue Sep 11, 2014 10:37 am

Symbolism of numbers

This post is to address the idea of short and objective way under some optical representation of some numbers. Without going into detail about his esoteric applications will be dealt with the meaning of the numbers 1-9.

Number 0

Can be understood as zero prior to one: both are one and the same God, but the first (0), is in its unmanifested aspect, while the second (1) presents in full manifestation in virtue of the divine will . It is a cosmic ray of light emanated from zero with it form all the other numbers.

Number 1

In the biblical sense this number references the one who is God (Deut 6.4 and Zech 14.9).
It is the principle's, animation and life force, will and creation.
In an esoteric view represents unity, the male principle.

Simbolismo de los Números Number_one

Number 2

Biblically is the perfect pair, c omo former emplo N oé always pairs took to the ark (Gen. 7.2) .
Representing the association, duality, amenability. It is antagonistic to good and evil, mortal and immortal, day and night, black and white.

Simbolismo de los Números Yin_yang
Representation of duality

Number 3

In the biblical sense is the trinity using to reinforce or emphasize a phrase, eg "God is Holy, Holy, Holy" (Isaiah 6.3 and Rev 4.Cool. God Bless three times (from 6.24 to 26 Nm). The messengers who announce the birth of Isaac is three. 
Represents self-expression, manifestation of the creative entity, being the first number created from the sum of the other two male principle (1) and female principle (2).
Even the mystical representation is the existence ( vita ), the verb ( verbum ) and the wisdom or light ( lux ).
Another representation is the balance, based on the geometry of the triangle. We notice many applications in symbols and rituals, such as sacred delta, symbolic degrees, columns of wisdom, strength and beauty, mobile jewelry ( book of the law, straightedge and compass). Also under the motto liberty, equality and fraternity and others.

Simbolismo de los Números R-237042-1135366419
Representation of the essence (Tree of Life)

Number 4

In the biblical sense is the number of all, being the four corners of the earth, the four Gospels, four elements of the universe (earth, fire, water, air) signal fullness. 
Representing also the structure, construction, praxis.

Simbolismo de los Números Earth-air-fire-water-1
The four elements

Number 5

Biblically we can cite the first set of 5 book, the Pentateuch (the law).
Also representing the mobility, change and freedom. Being exactly between the number of (1) to (9), may "look both ways". 
It is a highly cabalistic number, being directly related to 5-pointed star, symbolizing man. The pentagram is the simplest form of star, being drawn with a single line (infinite loop), which has been used as a protective amulet and staff.
Still, the 5 may represent the birth, childhood, maturity, old age and death.

Simbolismo de los Números Fire+Water+Earth+Air+And+Spirit+++Five+Elements+Of+Magic+And+Ritual
Representation of the four elements and the spirit

Number 6

Under the Biblical aspect is the imperfect number, previous perfection (7).
Although results from multiplying (2) by (3), representing respectively the activity of the principle's concrete creator with creation.

Number 7

According to biblical sources is the sum of 4 + 3. So is the perfeiro number indicates the maximum of perfection (Mt 15,36 and 23.4 Nm). The whole (Rev 1.4), where it is stated in Revelation 7 letters (Rev. 2-3), seven seals (Rev. 6.1 to 17), seven heads (Rev. 12.3), the slain Lamb received 7 gifts (Rev. 5:12). Still, the Sabbath is the seventh day, God created in seven days, seven days after Pentecost Easter. The sabbatical every seven years is (Lv 25) and seven times seven years and the Jubilee. Should not forgive 7 times, but 70 times seven (Mt 18,22). There are many biblical references regarding the number 7.
Still represents the connection of the sensible world to the divine. It can also relate to the seven different connections as musical notes, the seven planets among others.

Simbolismo de los Números Ottheinrich_Folio287r_Rev4-5
Lumberjack opening the book with seven seals

Number 8

Biblically speaking is the overflowing fullness. The Beatitudes in Matthew are seven more (Mt 5).
Still represents the first cube (2³). Pythagoras considered the eighth the essence of love, prudence and the law.

Number 9

To the Pythagoreans symbolized the area, establishing squared (3²).
The man in perfecting, evolving your character.

Number 10

Biblically indicates lot (Gen. 31.7), also a limited time or short-term (Dn 1.12 and Rev 2:10) and may be blemish: the beast only has 10 horns (Rev. 12.3).

Number 12

The Bible gives us the result of 4 times 3, this is a very complete number. It is the number of choice, 12 tribes, 12 apostles, 12 legions of angels (Mt 26,53). Elders are 24, that is: 2 X 12 (Rev. 4.4). Those who will be saved (Rev. 7.4) will be 144,000, that is 12 X 12 X 1000 Number of totality (Rev. 21.12 to 14).

Simbolismo de los Números 12apostolos
Representation of the twelve apostles

Number 40

Number indicating a necessary preparation time for something new that will get: 40 days and forty nights of the flood (Gen. 7.4), 40 days and 40 nights passes Moses on Mount (Ex 24.18; 34.26; Dt 9 , 9-11, 10,10), the time was 40 years of wandering in the wilderness (Numbers 14.33; 32.13; Dt 8.2, 29.4). Jesus fasted 40 days before beginning his ministry (4.2 Mt, Mk 1.12, Lk 4,2), Jesus' ascension happens 40 days after the resurrection (Acts 1.3). When someone wandered, was fixed with 40 lashes (Dt 25.3) and Paul also received five times the 40 lashes less one (2 Cor 11:24).

Number 70

Numbers Game 10 X 7 Moses communicates the prophetic spirit to 70 elders (11,16-17.24-25 Nm). The Babylonian exile is interpreted as a duration of 70 years (Jer 25.11, 29.10, 27.7, 2 Chronicles 36.21; Dn 9).The translation of the Hebrew Bible into Greek was made by 70 scribes and so named the LXX or Septuagint.

Simbolismo de los Números Lxx_Minorprophets
Fragment of the Septuagint

Item 1000

Such a lot that you can not tell. And long-term full time. Thousand-year reign (Rev. 20.2). View the combinations: 7 X 1000 (Rev. 11.13), 12 X 1000 (Rev. 7.5-Cool, 144 X 1000 (Rev 7.4). It is also interesting to note how the Hebrews were combinations of numbers. For example, Abraham made a covenant with God when he was 99 years old (Gen. 17.24), so the alliance completed the number 100 is the Sabbath which gives value to the other days of the week, thus transforms the 6 days (imperfect) 7 days (perfect). The only day of the week that has a name. Another example, the six people inhabited the Promised Land (Ex 3.Cool, but imperfect, Israel the seventh people, who will make the perfect earth. There are other references, such as in the preparation of some proverbs (Pr 6,16-19; 30.15 to 33).

ASS .: The Eternal Apprentice

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