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Ray Conniff- 'S MARVELOUS 1957 Empty
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Ray Conniff- 'S MARVELOUS 1957

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Ray Conniff- 'S MARVELOUS 1957 Empty Ray Conniff- 'S MARVELOUS 1957

Mensaje por Admin Jue Nov 13, 2014 5:33 pm

1) The Way You Look Tonight (0.00)
2) I Hear a Rhapsody (3.05)
3) Moonlight Serenade (5.25)
4) Be My Love (8.10)
5) I've Told Ev'ry Little Star (11.20)
6) You Do Something To Me (14.14)
7) As Time Goes By (16.54)
Cool In The Still Of The Night (19.52)
9) Someone To Watch Over Me (22.25)
10) Where Or When (25.53)
11) They Can't Take That Away From Me (29.14)
12) Love You (32.18)

I'm sure everyone will enjoy this music as much as i do. 

Another set of songs that were the soundtrack of those wonderful years when we were young.

Ray Conniff. ( Nov 6, 1916-- Oct. 12, 2002 )

This is the second album of the master Conniff; an incredible collections of beautiful songs in his characteristic great style!! and this is the first recordings made in stereo sound; 
The songs are beautiful and well arranged, from the very romantic ones like "Moonlight Serenade", "As Time Goes By", "Be My Love" and "I Love You" to the dancing tunes like "The Way You Look Tonight", "I Hear A Rhapsody", "In The Still Of The Night" and "They Can't Take That Away From Me"; all of the album is as its title says: MARVELOUS!
.Brilliant use of voices .Rich,mellow,soul stirring music; The best, nostalgic and serene music of my life. Loved this music as a child and still cherish as an adult.It is no wonder that Ray's LPs, "S'Wonderful," "S'Marvellous," and "S'Awful Nice" have been reissued as a boxed set! This LP/CD continued the standard for musical innovation that Ray set and maintained for about a half-century, even in times of change.
In terms of quality, true listenability, and inspired interpretations of popular songs of the forties and fifties, several songs stand out on this CD, such as "In the Still of the Night," "Moonlight Serenade," and the classic "As Time goes By." One of the all-time great examples of the Conniff sound is the opening number, "You Do Something to Me."'S Marvelous, recorded in 1957, followed 'S Wonderful, and was like its predecessor a top ten selling album. It was the first of Conniff's albums to go "gold" -- which back in those days was a rare distinction. 'S Marvelous is one of Conniff's all time best -- which is saying something because he recorded about 100 over a 45 year period. These early albums may be his best because he was able to cherry-pick the big-band songs that best fit his unique style.

This style is instantly recognizable, consisting of a bold, bright, brassy sound, a heavy shuffle beat, and a wordless chorus that doos and daas along with -- and sometimes in place of -- the horns. 'S Marvelous also demonstrates Conniff's skill as a pioneer in the use of the new stereo sound to create the feel that music is coming at you from every direction.

• Ray Conniff popularised wordless vocal choruses and light orchestral arrangements on a mix of popular standards and contemporary hits. He epitomised the easy listening genre, and was one of the top album sellers of all-time.

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