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Octubre 2020

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The Cosmic Uroboros

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The Cosmic Uroboros Empty The Cosmic Uroboros

Mensaje por Admin el Dom Mayo 17, 2015 6:53 pm

Phoenixmasonry Masonic Museum and Library - USA

The Cosmic Uroboros Ourob10

"The Cosmic Uroboros represents the universe as a continuity of vastly different size scales. As Figure 3 of Chapter 4 shows, the diameter of the earth is about two orders of magnitude (10-2) smaller than that of the sun. About sixty orders of magnitude separate the very smallest from the very largest size. Traveling clockwise around the serpent from head to tail, we move from the maximum scale we can see, the size of the cosmic horizon (1028 cm), down to that of a supercluster of galaxies, down to a single galaxy, to the distance from Earth to the Great Nebula in Orion, to the solar system, to the sun, the earth, a mountain, humans, an ant, a single-celled creature such as the E. coli bacterium, a strand of DNA, an atom, a nucleus, the scale of the weak interactions (carried by the W and Z particles), and approaching the tail the extremely small size scales on which physicists hope to find massive dark matter (DM) particles, and on even smaller scales a Grand Unified Theory (GUT) . The tip of the tail represents the smallest possible scale, the Planck length. Human beings are just about at the center.


Pedro P. Dollar:.
Por Cuba, con Dios y la Masoneria

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